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UNICORN – Unlocking Impact – The Unicorn Path to engage with your audience

“Unlocking Impact: The UNICORN path to engage with your audience” is a comprehensive guidebook that explores the transformative project known as UNICORN. This book delves into the project’s aim of identifying needs and addressing gaps in adult education while offering practical solutions for organizational challenges. With a focus on increasing impact, outreach, and dissemination capabilities within European Adult Education, UNICORN provides a roadmap that adult education providers can follow.

The book highlights the significance of social media skills in adult education and examines the advantages of incorporating these skills, such as flexibility, collaborative learning, real-world connectivity, and resource sharing. Drawing on the project’s implementation phase, the book presents six key results, including smart practice evaluations, impact training, an interactive map of European practices, pedagogic guidelines, and an eBook on increasing impact in non-formal adult education.

Edited by Simon Turschner, Amélie Delon, Rimante Rusaite & Martin Barthel (editors) Authors & Contributors: Simon Turschner, Martin Barthel, Kath Peters, Rimante Rusaite, Emma Hyland, Diba Mokhtabad Amrei, Francesca Olivier, Roberto Solinas, Maria Grazia Pirina

ISBN e-Book 978-3-946832-54-6 ISBN Print 978-3-946832-55-3