Comparative Research Network:

Smart Practice Assessment

Smart Practices are:
Smart Practices are adaptable and applicable practices, suited to various needs, target groups and circumstances (they are transferable).
Smart Practices engage and are accessible for groups with different backgrounds and skills and raise from the needs and the capacity of the learners.
Smart Practices improve the current status of communities in a smart way and empower learners to take a more active role in society.
Smart practices include the learners in the construction of the assessment.

Assessing Smart Practices
The approach of CRN is to identify new aspects and potentials in existing curricula. Thus, we apply a two-step evaluation system which we developed together with our partners in various projects.

In a first step a check-list is used, which helps the educator to understand the topical aspects of the to be assessed method. When the method qualifies for a deeper analysis, a qualitative evaluation tool is used. In this way, the educator can identify the potential but as well weaknesses of a method.


Smart Practice Assessment Projects:

Smart Practice Assessment Results: