Comparative Research Network:

Charlotte Warin

Service Civique


I care about people needs and I am curious. I am interested in people’s life stories and I believe that sharing experiences can be a powerful tool to understand each other and overcome cultural/social differences. I am also empathetic and I bring my sensitivity to my work in order to have a better understanding of our professional partners’s point of view.


After a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Foreign Languages and Journalism and a Master’s degree in Languages and Literature in Lyon, France, I wanted to take a moment to participate in a volunteering mission abroad. I have chosen CRN for the variety of its projects all around Europe, knowing that I would have the opportunity to learn from other cultures. I have a particular interest for journalism, cultural exchanges and social inclusion but CRN allows me to get involved in projects I wouldn’t necessarily have thought of. I have already had experiences of volunteering for cultural projects in Burkina Faso and Brazil. I was also a member of the international youth-run association AIESEC (which aims to help young people gain professional experience abroad) during my student time.


From 2017 to 2018 I studied one year in the Universidade Federal da Paraíba in Brazil for my international mobility.