Dialog für Frieden und Integration

The goal of the project:

The project will contribute to the demystification of the conflict, finding joint ways to solve it through raising awareness among journalists on conflict sensitivity, training NGOs representatives and community activists on essentials of integration and peacebuilding.

The project participants will act as multipliers, and agents of change articulating the problems of integration and peace in mass media, providing a range of creative events to various stakeholders and community representatives from different regions of Ukraine to bring them together and start a peaceful dialog to resolve the conflict situation.

The impact of the Project consists of the developed capacity of Journalists to create professional materials on conflict sensitive issues without prejudices and stigma, which promote peaceful dialogs in society. NGO leaders, youth workers and educators as well as local government representatives will raise their awareness about peacebuilding and dialogue between the local communities and IDPs, reaching an estimated 240 direct beneficiaries in target communities.

The project also includes 12 community actions implemented by activists in local communities, 1 workshop for 25 NGO leaders, youth workers and educators.

Long term results are on one hand the empowerment and the sensibilization of journalists that deal with the conflict and on the other the empowerment and the sensibilization of young people that are affected by the conflict. By involving individuals from the IDP communities, as well, we are expecting to reach a multiplicative event that will improve the social situation of these groups greatly. Last but not least we want to create durable partnerships and methodological cooperations between journalists and NGO practitioners for enhancing the possibilities that these subjects have to accomplish their peace agendas.

These results are what we expect to be the minimum in what we can achieve, however we will actually be striving to more results and a bigger local long-term impact.