Eastern Encounters

Eastern Encounters - Creating space for dialogue and peace

The project represents a 4 phases dialogue process among 4 partners from the EU and 4 partners from the EaP region. Our organization in collaboration with its partners has developed a daring dialogue program in the spirit of the EaP program and the European values. In fact, just like stated in the 4th 2020 delivery after the Riga review, we have the deep-seated belief that mobility and peer-to-peer contacts can stimulate better policies and a stronger society.

The project will be implemented in a timeframe of one year and a half. We think that dialogue among people helps integration and transnational cooperation. For these reasons, we have devised a task-oriented action which intends to promote:

1) The realization a successful skill transfer activity about social peacebuilding and the promotion of the values of peace in order to improved competences, linked to our participants’ professional profile
2) The set up of a future peacebuilding discourse able to integrate multilaterally the partners from the EaP countries and the partners from the member states
3) The creation of a functional transnational partnership that is able to work independently connecting our participants’ local realities to a transnational one
4) The raising of awareness of the EU values as a peacebuilding tool for promoting multilateralism and social stability
5) A better awareness of the European project and the potential and limits of formal and nonformal education
6) The social empowerment of our participants to be social change promoter and the enhancement of their agency capacity and the ownership of their action;

The dialogue process is aimed to the enhancement of the partners’ skills in peacebuilding and a social change on a hand, and the creation of a transnational dialogue forum on the other. Stable partnerships based on a common understanding of the complex issues will optimize collective action and the advocacy outreach of the partners.

Our action is based on strategic thinking and down-to heart thinking. During the first action, the participants will go through an high-quality training about peacebuilding and conflict management. In this training will confront topics like conflict analysis, advocacy, Reconciliation and Project management,
in the second training, the participants will instead dip deeper into the idea of peace intervention and the technical skills needed to promote a peacebuilding campaign.

In the third phase, the more committed among the participants will gather to integrated their local and personal experience and they will device conflict sensitivity workshops to be implemented in the following youth exchange. Last but not least a controlled multiplication event will be implemented with a youth exchange the former participants will act as team leaders for the national delegations in the exchange and they will facilitate also the workshop they had previously devised and that we will implement in the youth exchange.

All of this will be achieved through an intercultural and transnational dialogue that will bring people together from different backgrounds and different realities to celebrate together peace diversity and peace social activism.