Comparative Research Network:

    Hema Adhikary

    Senior Project Consultant


    Translator/Interpreter; Lexicography; Bridgesport


    “1996-2021 Freelance translator/interpreter for the judicial authorities of the National and
    State Department, Federal Office for Recognition of Refugee Status (in Germany,
    Austria, The Netherlands and Switzerland) Police and Prosecuting Attorney´s Offices,
    Administrative Courts, Local Courts, District Courts and Universities, Governments
    03.2012-12.2014 Culture Conveyor eV Berlin
    05.1999-01.2009 Sworn translator/interpreter for the courts, notaries,
    judicial authorities, Federal Offices among others
    09.1998-09-1999 Research Assistant, foreign language correspondent,
    East-Asia Seminar, University of Göttingen
    04.1995-3.1996 University and State Library of Lower Saxony, University of Göttingen and
    Academy of Sciences of Lower Saxony, Grimm Dictionary Project, Göttingen
    1992-1994 Freelance translator for OBW GmbH, in Berlin Germany
    10.1985.12.1990 Dozent Volkshochschule Göttingen, Lecturer in Adult Education Institution

    1974-6.1976 Bank Assistant at the Nepal Bank Ltd. in Kathmandu
    1972-1974 School voluntary-teacher (during Semester holidays) at the Shiksa Sadan
    Primary School and Sarvodaya High School, Duradanda, Lamjung, Nepal


    “Participation on International Scientific Congresses

    15.-19.07.2014 Sixteenth EURALEX International Congress, EUREC Bozen, Italy
    Themes: a. o. Historical and Scholarly Lexicography,
    Reports on Lexicographical and Lexicological Projects,
    Monolingual and Bilingual Lexicography, Electronic Dictionaries,
    Internet Lexicography, Online Dictionaries, Online Dictionary Tools, …
    22.-28.01.2012 2nd European Intercultural Stimulation Course
    Comparative Research Network (CRN) Berlin
    11.-13.09.2009 Translation in Future/Übersetzen in die Zukunft
    Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators/ BDÜ e. V.
    Freie Universität Berlin
    Themes: a. o. Challenges of globalization for Interpreters and translators
    06.-10.07.2004 Eleventh EURALEX International Congress University of Lorient, France
    Themes: u. o. Computational Lexicography and Lexicology, Reports
    on Lexicographical and Lexicological Projects, Bilingual
    Lexicography, …
    09.-12.09.2003 4th Symposium of the Germanic Language Dictionary
    Projects, Academy of Sciences in Göttingen
    08.-12.08.2000 Ninth EURALEX International Congress, University of Stuttgart
    Themes: u. o. Electronic Dictionaries, Linguistic Description in
    Dictionaries: Morphology and Syntax … , Internet Lexicography,
    Online Dictionaries, Online Dictionary Tools, …
    04.-08.08.1998 Eighth EURALEX International Congress, University of Liège, Belgium
    Themes: u. o. Computational Metalexicography in Practice,
    Automatic Reversal of a Bilingual Dictionary, Electronic Dictionary
    Encoding: Customizing the TEI Guidelines, ..
    13.-18.08.1996 Seventh EURALEX International Congress, Göteborg University, Sweden
    Themes: u. o. Lexicon and Corpus, Lexical Combinatorics, Bilingual
    Lexicography, Multilingual Collocation Extraction, Bilingual
    Dictionaries: Past, Present and Future, …
    30.08.-5.09.1994 Sixth EURALEX International Congress, Free University of Amsterdam
    Themes: u. o. Lexical Semantics, Historical and scholarly
    lexicography, Theories and Methodologies in Current Lexicographic
    Semantic Research, Text Corpora, …
    07.-11.06.1993 Fourth Annual Conference of Moscow Association of Applied Linguistics,
    Lomonosov University, Moscow
    Themes: u. o. Dictionaries and Foreign Language Teaching,
    Collocations, Dict. Use, Lexicogr. Methods in Teaching and Research
    04.-09.08.1992 Fifth EURALEX International Congress
    University of Tampere, Finland
    Themes: u. o. The Dictionary-Making Process, Linguistics in
    Lexicography, Computational Lexicology and Lexicography,
    Terminology & Terminography, …


    “Posters and Publications:

    2007 „Dictionaries of Sanskrit, Nepali, Hindi. Project: Nepali-German Dictionary“
    in: Asian Lexicography: Retrospect and Prospects, 5th Biennial Conference of
    ASIALEX 2007, University of Chennai (Madras)
    2003 „Retrospekt: Wörterbücher zum Sanskrit, Nepali, Hindi
    Projekt: Nepalesisch-Deutsches Wörterbuch“,
    4th Symposium of the Germanic Language Dictionary Projects,
    Academy of Sciences in Göttingen – in: Akademie der Wissenschaften in Göttingen,
    Arbeitsstelle Deutsches Wörterbuch von J. und W. Grimm (Hrsg.)
    Wörterbuchstadt Göttingen 2003, Göttingen
    2003 Poster: Nepalesisch-Deutsches Wörterbuch im Rahmen der 4. Arbeitstagung
    der deutschsprachigen Wörterbuchprojekte, Akademie der Wissenschaften in
    1995 „Nepalesisch-Deutsches Wörterbuch“, in: H. E. Wiegand (Hrsg.) Germanistische
    Linguistik, Studien zur zweisprachigen Lexikographie mit Deutsch, Vol. II,
    Hildesheim und New York: Olms Verlag, S. 223-234
    1993 „Progress in Compiling a Modern Nepalese Bilingual Dictionary“, in:
    Ter-Minasova (Hrsg.) Dictionaries and Foreign Language Teaching Proceedings,
    Lomonosov University: 39-41, Moscow
    1992 „The Dictionary-Making Process: A Nepali-German Dictionary“,
    Poster at the Fifth EURALEX International Congress, Tampere University.