Green Urban Paths

Explore the City

Cities have always been at the center of important changes throughout history. From the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations to the Italian Renaissance and the industrial revolution, cities have played a crucial role in shaping our world.

In 1950, more than half of the European population lived in cities, and today, nearly three-quarters of the European Union’s population resides in urban areas. It’s clear that this trend will continue to grow in the next 50 years as we see similar patterns in other parts of the world.

Urbanization brings both challenges and opportunities. Cities are hubs of creativity and innovation, and they have the potential to offer solutions to various environmental problems. Compact cities, where everything is close by, can be more efficient for both people and businesses. We can use new technologies to make cities more environmentally friendly, such as improving public transportation and constructing energy-efficient buildings.

The appeal of urban areas isn’t just about business; it’s also about the quality of life they offer to their residents. Cities are branding themselves as “green,” “creative,” or “cultural” to attract people and promote environmental assets that benefit everyone’s well-being.

In today’s world, where tourists actively choose and enjoy their travel experiences, we need to change our approach to create awareness. Educational tours that combine learning and tourism are at the heart of addressing the challenges we face. These tours aim to promote local innovations, sustainable practices, the efforts of local citizens to improve their communities, and the connections between communities across Europe.

Within our project, we aim to raise awareness among city-dwellers, tourists, and local actors about sustainable solutions, environmentally friendly lifestyles, and green trends. We want to accelerate the transition to “green” practices in European societies.

In this approach, we’re witnessing the emergence of new mediators like digital programmers, designers, and experts in storytelling who can promote innovative solutions. Creativity has become a strategy for cities and regions to foster innovation and individual development.

Our G&PS project aims to implement a transnational strategy focusing on green education, educational tourism, and sustainable urban development. This initiative is supported by the European Commission, which seeks to promote competencies and innovative tourism related to specific themes with growth potential while addressing social concerns related to cultural and natural heritage.

Our project has several objectives:
– Improve skills and accessibility to adult education.
– Address digital transformation and readiness.
– Transfer knowledge and skills related to educational tours and storytelling.
– Co-create new products for green education and sustainable trends.
– Develop international experiences and partnerships.
– Share best practices among organizations.

The results we expect from our project include:
– G&PS EDU: Theatrically guided tours in several European cities to promote environmental education and sustainability.
– G&PS HUB: An online hub containing research materials and project content.
– G&PS A/VR: Mobile apps with augmented reality and a corresponding map/game to guide users through sustainable city experiences.
These products aim to provide learners with engaging and innovative educational tools that promote interactive learning and awareness of sustainable practices.