Europe City-Teller: Mediazione culturale & storytelling per il turismo tra teatro, multimedialit? e narrazione.

The project “Europe City Teller – cultural mediation and storytelling for tourism, between theater, multimedia and storytelling” (acronym “EU-ACT”) intends to operate within the renewed context, which sees policies in the European cultural tourism sector, adapt to the new trends of tourists looking for authentic cultural experiences, with the aim of developing a quality offer, promoting local customs and traditions, paying attention to sustainability, protecting and enhancing the heritage, landscapes and local culture. The EU-ACT project intends to integrate itself into the transnational cultural tourism strategy promoted by the European Commission, which aims to carry out a series of activities to promote transnational tourism skills and products in relation to specific themes with significant growth potential and to respond to social concerns, to problems of territorial cohesion and of protection/enhancement of natural and cultural heritages.

Specifically, the main objective of EU-ACT is to transfer to operators, educators and mediators, new knowledge and skills in the field of cultural mediation and theatrical and digital storytelling, with the aim of co-creating new cultural tourism products spendable on the market. EU-ACT intends to accompany the realization of these products, through international experiences, promoted by a strategic partnership, made up of organizations expert in the fields of theater, design and digital programming, methodologies of storytelling applied to cultural heritage, coming from Italy, Poland, Hungary, Germany and the UK. The partnership intends to develop and share good practices gained by the organizations, to create a collective work methodology.

The project will have a total duration of 27 months, and includes:
– training activities
– various project meetings, related to the realization of three intellectual products that will be presented later in the multiplier event that each partner will organize in its respective choosen city and which will be addressed to an audience of citizens and tourists European/non-European.

The project involves the creation of the following 3 intellectual products:
1. Live interpretation: route of theatrical visits, with “live-actors”, that in historical clothes, will tell the main points of historical-artistic interest of the European cities involved
2. An online platform with an in-depth analysis of the contents produced by the project (to encourage the experience both before and after the events)
3. An APP in augmented reality, for mobile devices, connected to a paper/game guide, to permit to:
– benefit from the contents created in real time
– conduct the public to discover the path imagined with video-animations

The activities of the project are imagined to generate a great impact in terms of acquiring new skills, knowledge and experience in the field of enhancement and promotion of cultural heritage.

    The project plans to
    1. implement new training methodologies
    2. increase the knowledge of the European cultural heritage
    3. give access to the European cultural heritage through the web
  2. 4. increase accessibility to European cultural heritage through digital technologies
    5. transfer educational methodologies