Comparative Research Network:

Prospects in Peripheries – Toolkit – Creating Prospects in Peripheries

Partners from seven peripheral regions in Europe came together to collect and design methods that tackle the typical
and not so typical challenges of peripheries. We want to offer you tools to target social, cultural and economic
conditions in your regions – as we believe their combination will increase opportunities sustainably.
To make the methods accessible to those, who want to make change in their region happen, we have grouped them by
the challenges that they meet as well as by scale of the actual method – from long term strategies to shorter exercises.
Given the comprehensive and intertwined issues displayed in all regions, we decided that intricate combinations of large
scale strategies, medium scale trainings and small scale exercises would fare best as an offer for initiating and sustaining
These different levels of methods work by bringing stakeholders together in strategies with a broader aim & collective
impact. Strategies are designed to effect change over a longer period of time. Visions for the future of the regions are
negotiated via networks of stakeholders over several events, platforms and trainings.
The methods offered as trainings within the PiP Toolkit are characterised by a specific aim and group impact on theit
participants and beyond. Trainings last a shorter period of time (a day, a weekend or a week) than strategies and are
composed of exercises, more focused to one topic.
Our last group of tools, the exercises supply an individual impact on the participants. As they aretypically, not
standalone, but serve a function in larger events, such as trainings. Exercises last an even shorter period of time (minutes
to few hours).