Comparative Research Network:

ScieCitizens – Collected practices on how to bridge the gap between science and society

Scie-Citizens believes in the power of participation in education. The partnership was built upon realiing that the role of facts become again more and more relevant for every citizen.

The partners are aware that in lifelong learning the “academic ivory tower” seems to be the ultimate bastion, resisting to be involved with other learning paths. However, the approach of Citizens Science is an innovative methodology, involving both top-down but as well from a grass-root level learners and citizens to be involved in research and science.

We believe that instead of reinventing methods, it will be more productive to evaluate existing tools, identify smart practices, collect, review and share them. Thus, Scie-Citizens consists out of partner from different education sectors, covering the geographic scope of all of Europe.

Barthel, Martin; Cherouvis, Stephanos; Pettersson, Anders et al. (eds.). 2019 ScieCitizens : Collected educational practice on how to gap the bridge between science and society. Comparative Research Network, Berlin edited by Stephanos Cherouvis, Martin Barthel, Anders Pettersson, Eugenia Kypriotis, Nikos Zygouritsas, Guglielmo Apolloni, Rimante Rusaite Partner institutions: Comparative Research Network Berlin, Germany Changemaker, Gothenburg,Sweden School Raising, Bologna, Italy CRCE Romania, Iasis, Romania Midicentrum, Suwalki, Poland Ellinogermaniki Agogi, Athens, Greece Spoleczna Akademia Nauk, Lodz, Poland