ScieCitizens 2.0

Empowering Communities through Citizen Science

Scie-Citizens 2.0 – Empowering Communities through Citizen Science

We live in a time driven by innovation and collaboration, Scie-Citizens 2.0 emerges as a transformative project, dedicated to advancing citizen science and empowering communities. With its mission rooted in knowledge sharing, collaboration, capacity building, and advocacy, Scie-Citizens 2.0 aims to create an innovative system of tools that will revolutionize the field of citizen science.

At the heart of Scie-Citizens 2.0 lies a vision of broad and meaningful participation, where citizens from all walks of life can actively contribute to scientific research. By promoting inclusive and collaborative partnerships, Scie-Citizens 2.0 seeks to create a vibrant community that shares best practices, knowledge, and tools, ultimately bringing recognition to the value and impact of citizen science.

The implementation of Scie-Citizens 2.0 encompasses various activities, each playing a crucial role in achieving its objectives. The project management team, operating under WP1, ensures efficient coordination and oversight, laying a strong foundation for success. Meanwhile, under WP2, a comprehensive framework will be developed through a state-of-the-art report, establishing a robust knowledge base. A methods repository and peer-review training will further enhance the quality and credibility of citizen science initiatives.

One of the key highlights of Scie-Citizens 2.0 is the creation of playboxes, which serve as interactive tools to engage citizens in scientific exploration. Through a co-creation lab, these playboxes will be designed to inspire curiosity and ignite a passion for science within communities. Public pilots will provide invaluable insights and feedback to refine these innovative resources.

In line with its commitment to education, Scie-Citizens 2.0 also focuses on developing a citizen science curriculum. A co-creation edu lab will bring together educators, scientists, and community members to design a curriculum that fosters scientific literacy and empowers individuals to actively participate in research. Multiplier training programs will equip educators with the necessary skills and knowledge to implement the curriculum effectively.

To ensure the sustainability and growth of the project, Scie-Citizens 2.0 establishes a vibrant Community of Practice. This collaborative space will serve as a hub for knowledge exchange, support, and ongoing learning. Through an outreach campaign and multiplier events, the project aims to expand its reach and engage a diverse range of communities. A dedicated web portal will provide a centralized platform for information sharing, collaboration, and resource access.

The anticipated results of Scie-Citizens 2.0 are far-reaching and impactful. Through its co-creation process, the project will develop a comprehensive methodological framework, curriculum, playboxes, a web portal, and a thriving community of practice. By embedding citizen science in disadvantaged communities through adult education, Scie-Citizens 2.0 aims to bridge gaps in scientific participation, empowering individuals and communities to actively contribute to scientific research.

With peer-review and co-creation labs, multiplier training and events, and collaborative work meetings, Scie-Citizens 2.0 is poised to revolutionize citizen science and pave the way for a more inclusive and empowered future. By harnessing the collective wisdom and passion of citizens, we can unlock new frontiers of knowledge and drive positive change in our communities and beyond. Together, let us embark on this extraordinary journey, as we become Scie-Citizens, shaping the future of science for the benefit of all.