Reach Out

REACH OUT Local Peace and Dialogue through Media

The project will help demystify the conflict by identifying common solutions. The aim is, on the one hand, to make journalists more aware of the various dimensions of the conflict and, on the other hand, to provide basic training in the areas of integration and peace-building to representatives of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and civic activists.

Project participants will act as multipliers and agents for change by articulating problems of integration and peacebuilding in the mass media and by offering a wide range of creative events for affected individuals and communities.

We will coordinate and further develop a permanent platform for peacebuilding and development, which was launched and implemented in 2019 as part of an earlier project. This platform will bring together German and Ukrainian representatives from the mass media and civil society and is intended to serve as a powerful tool in combating negative propaganda in and about Ukraine and to promote peace dialogues. The project consists of activities in Germany and Ukraine.

In order to create a balanced partnership and to organise the activities with the greatest possible impact, we have agreed in the partnership to define joint tasks and country-specific tasks. In addition, some tasks are subject to CRN alone as coordinator.

CRNs sole tasks are:
– Project monitoring
– Budget planning and management
– Communication with the Federal Foreign Office
– Reporting to the funding body

Common tasks are:
– Planning, implementation and control of public relations work
– Project documentation
– Quality assurance and evaluation of the project
– Joint implementation of the journalist competition
– Joint implementation of the Forum for Peacemakers in Kiev
– Development of training plans, methods and preparation of trainers for local activities in Ukraine
– Organisation, implementation and documentation of the synergy workshop, conducted with trainers from both organisations

Country specific tasks Germany:
– Organisation, implementation and documentation of the study visit of journalists in Berlin
– Training in Berlin
Country specific tasks Ukraine (UNAEDI)
– Organisation, implementation and documentation of the training of journalists
– Organisation, implementation and documentation of the creative workshop
The cooperation is coordinated by a joint project management.