Comparative Research Network:

More than Words – Online Training Course

This Training Course is an outcome of a long-term strategic partnership. It synthesizes different non-verbal methods used by the partners to empower vulnerable/marginalized groups. Experienced colleagues from the field of theatre, digital storytelling, humour/clown and integral expression and movement therapy took part in the development.

The partners ran 5-days-long international trainings with extended professional debates and discussions on methodological aspects. After learning from each other’s practice, a joint training was realised to synthetize the outcomes into a common understanding. We offer our work as a resource for those who work with groups from different cultures and under different policies of minority inclusion, and also for trainers working with social groups suffering from different forms of exclusion (migrants, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, socially disadvantaged people etc.).

We foresee the users as trained and experienced educators, social workers, trainers or other practicing professionals dealing with migrants and marginalised social groups.