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Dis-Act E-Learning Course

This online programme of learning in Devised Theater is the outcome of the digitalization of the educational contents and materials developed in the context of I.O.1 and of its international Piloting, with the integration of multimedia contents.

It is addressed to operators working in the field of Adult education (with a focus on those engaged in providing educational support to Adults with disabilities) willing to autonomously develop skills and competences for empowering their audience of learners through Devised Theater.

The e-learning programme is divided in specific educational modules, mirroring the thematic sections of the Format developed in Output 1 (Devised Theater Format for Educators), and specifically:

– Good practices of Co-Designed Theater involving people with disability from Europe

– Ice Breakers & Group Building.

– Devising from Movement

– Devising from Music

– Devising from Text

– Presence on Scene

Dis-Act Partnership


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