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Welcome back to Eurbania – Playing participation 2.0 – Teaching handbook and Curriculum

The current handbook is designed for presenting the second and third components of the Eurbanities 2.0 toolkit: the online game and the curriculum embedding the game. The main target group of our handbook is relatively extended: we address first and foremost, educators in non-formal and also formal education who want to use our method (entirely or just in some elements) in their teaching curricula, and who are interested in using the embedded game. We also appeal to all readers who are interested in the process of creating an educational game and how a game can be incorporated into a curriculum. Our curriculum contains different learning options according to the skills and capacities of the target groups concerned. It is important to emphasise that this curriculum is just one possible use of the game as a learning tool – we hope that over time teachers and users will be able to come up with many alternative uses depending on the teaching and learning environment.

Krisztina Keresztély, Karolina Małochleb, Agnieszka Świgost-Kapocsi (editors) Co-authors: Krisztina Keresztély, Comparative Research Network e.V, Germany Martin Barthel, Comparative Research Network e.V, Germany Zélie Cam, Comparative Research Network e.V, Germany Karolina Małochleb, Jagellonian University, Poland Agnieszka Świgost-Kapocsi, Jagellonian University, Poland Karlheinz Gürtl, Stadtlabor, Austria Vera Marin, Association for Urban Transformations, Romania Francesca Olivier, Changemaker, Sweden Diba Mokhtabad Amrei, Changemaker, Sweden Andrea d’Andrea, EuroNet, Italy Sonia Angiolin, Mine Vaganti NGO, Italy Language editing: Hema Adhikary