MAps of eXperIences for thriving COmmunities

MAXICO, a cross-sectoral partnership, is dedicated to developing sustainable and innovative curricula through co-creation methods in education and training. By bringing together citizens, educators, and specialists, the project aims to collect European practices and adapt them to address local needs. This collaborative effort facilitates knowledge exchange between countries, enabling the implementation of effective educational approaches. MAXICO seeks to test and experiment with the collected best practices, leading to the publication of a comprehensive methodology that can be utilized in communities with fewer opportunities across two European countries.

To achieve its objectives, MAXICO engages in a range of activities. Firstly, the project focuses on exploring existing practices and gathering knowledge from diverse educational contexts across Europe. This crucial step allows for the identification of effective approaches that can be adapted and implemented in different local settings. Furthermore, MAXICO places a strong emphasis on providing training for educators. Experts in the field contribute their insights and expertise by testing the methodology, ensuring its effectiveness and practicality in real-world educational settings.

The project also emphasizes reflection on the work done and the collection of local practices, which takes place in Helsinki. This gathering creates a valuable opportunity for collaboration and knowledge sharing among participants. In addition, MAXICO provides an empowerment program for learners, equipping them with the necessary skills to become peer-reviewers. This training empowers individuals to actively engage in evaluating and improving educational practices, fostering a sense of ownership and participation.

MAXICO recognizes the importance of disseminating its findings and ensuring broader access to the developed methods. To achieve this, the project will create an interactive online platform that serves as a valuable resource for educators. This platform will provide a collection of participation and community-building methods, enabling educators to incorporate these innovative approaches into their own teaching practices. Additionally, MAXICO aims to publish an e-book containing selected practices and guidelines, further supporting educators in adopting these methods and enhancing their pedagogical approaches.

Another vital aspect of MAXICO’s approach is the organization of two public events in disadvantaged areas. These events serve as platforms to generate awareness and foster community participation. By engaging these communities, MAXICO aims to ignite enthusiasm and drive for the improvement of co-creation methodologies, community mapping, and education. These events will contribute to building strong and resilient communities through active participation.

The anticipated results of the MAXICO project are substantial. The interactive platform for participation and community building methods will facilitate collaboration and knowledge-sharing among educators and specialists. The publication of the e-book, containing selected practices and guidelines, will serve as a practical and accessible resource for educators, empowering them to adopt innovative approaches in their teaching. Through targeted training programs, MAXICO will enhance the competencies of 12 educators and experts, equipping them with new methods to enhance their pedagogical practices. Furthermore, the project will empower and activate 16 learners, providing them with valuable skills and knowledge to become actively engaged participants in their education. Finally, by activating participation in two disadvantaged communities, MAXICO aims to create a lasting impact on community engagement and educational practices.

The efforts of MAXICO contribute to the advancement of co-creation methodologies, community mapping, and education. By fostering collaboration and sharing best practices, the project promotes sustainable and innovative approaches in education, ultimately benefiting learners and communities alike. Through its commitment to cross-sectoral partnerships and knowledge exchange, MAXICO paves the way for transformative change in educational practices, enhancing the quality and inclusivity of education across Europe.