MAps of eXperIences for thriving COmmunities

MAXICO is a cross-sectoral partnership that unites citizens, educators and specialists in participation to develop a sustainable and innovative curricula for co-creation methods in education and training. It aims to collect European practices and adapt them to the local needs. The project will initiate a knowledge exchange between countries, test and experiment with the collected best practices, publish the methodology and bring it to communities with fewer opportunities in 2 European countries.
MAXICO proposes the following activities:
-exploring practices and knowledge gathering
-educators training: an expert input by testing methodology
-reflection of the work done and collection of local practices in Helsinki
-learners training: an empowerment training for peer-reviewers
-production of MAXICO online Platform as a dissemination tool
-publication of the e-Book with selected practices and guidelines
-2 public events in disadvantaged areas to activate participation and community building

MAXICO will create the following results:
-an interactive platform for methods of participation and community building
-an e-book with selected practices and guidelines for educators to use in their practice
-improve the competences and equip with new methods 12 educators and experts via training
-empowerment and activation of 16 learners via training
-activation of two disadvantaged communities
-create an impulse for the improvement of methods in co-creation, community mapping and education