Journey of Optimising Well-being through Fun and Unique Learning

The JOYFUL project aims to create a board or card game focused on enhancing the well-being of employees in non-governmental organizations (NGOs). This tool targets NGO staff to improve mental health, prevent burnout, and raise awareness about mental well-being. Additionally, it will enrich NGO trainers’ resources and promote mental health awareness within organizations. The partnership involves three organizations with backgrounds in innovation, education, psychology, and board/card games, aiming to develop a physical tool to aid NGO employees’ understanding of mental health care.

The project will involve testing the tool with 15 educators and adult education staff during a 5-day Learning, Teaching, and Training Activity (LTTA) in Arad at ASEIE. The collaboration seeks to deepen cooperation between CRN, Dracon, and ASEIE, leveraging their diverse expertise in Erasmus+ projects to create innovative learning methods.

Key priorities include improving educator competencies, promoting learning opportunities across generations, and fostering civic engagement. The project also addresses topics related to physical and mental health, as well as new teaching methods.

The target groups include NGO staff and volunteers who will use the game to reflect on personal and professional well-being. Trainers will facilitate the game’s use within NGOs, while the broader community can benefit from investing in staff well-being.

The project’s motivation stems from the crucial role NGOs play in public welfare and their significant social impact. By addressing staff well-being, the project aims to enhance the quality of NGO projects and contribute to a more equal and better society. Funding for the project is essential to support the systemic approach needed to improve workers’ well-being and create positive impacts on organizations and communities involved in NGO activities.