Comparative Research Network:

Inès Sayah

Service Civique
Project Assistance


My legal education makes me a thoughtful and diligent person armed with writing skills and good legal thinking. Additionally, having worked in an international setting, I am accustomed to collaborating with diverse teams and navigating cross-cultural dynamics effectively.

I am ready to take on new challenges to deepen my knowledge and make a positive contribution to CRN.


“As a dynamic and committed law student, I’m passionate about human rights and the social issues affecting our society. With the aim of turning this passion into my profession, I am determined to actively contribute to the promotion and protection of fundamental rights.

My commitment was strengthened during my previous experience with an NGO in Berlin as a project assistant. Working with this organization, which promotes cooperation between Germany and the MENA region, enabled me to develop practical skills while collaborating with a multicultural team.