Overcome Fakes


The current project aims to train journalists, bloggers, NGO activists and Young leaders from Ukraine (living in Ukraine and abroad) to be trained in,
and organising dialogue processes, recognising fake news and conspiracies on social networks, so that their damage is minimised. In addition, activists and journalists will be given tools and methods to convey tolerance, dialogue and constructive solutions that focus on the conflict in Ukraine.
The partnership and cooperation between NGOs and journalists will improve the quality of conflict-related discourse in civil society in Ukraine and initiate dialogue between refugees and those who have remained in Ukraine.
We will directly involve about 200 people in our key activities (journalists, bloggers, NGO leaders, internally displaced persons, refugees from Ukraine and those who have left the country (mostly to Poland or Germany). Furthermore, the networking event and the Future Search will involve other actors from Germany and Europe who are interested in the future development of civil society and would like to civil society and would like to network.
In our activities, we will adhere to the principles of gender equality and a tolerant attitude towards all sections of the population. The principles of our organisation ensure gender equality and we actively promote the participation of minorities and vulnerable groups.

We will use our large contact database of journalists, NGO leaders and educators with whom we have already worked. We will also use our network and that of our
social media partners to disseminate the information as widely as possible. The calls will be open and transparent to all who are interested in this topic.
Participants will be selected on the basis of application forms that provide information about their professional experience and potential impact.
experience and the potential impact they have as practitioners, but also their motivation to participate in the activities,