Overcome Fakes


Strengthening Media Literacy and Dialogue – Empowering Journalists and Activists in Ukraine

In an era of information overload and social media dominance, the need for media literacy and responsible journalism has never been more critical. Recognizing the significance of this challenge, a groundbreaking project has been initiated to train journalists, bloggers, NGO activists, and young leaders from Ukraine in dialogue processes, combating fake news, and promoting constructive solutions to the conflict in the country.

The project’s primary objective is to equip participants with the necessary skills to identify and counter fake news and conspiracy theories on social networks, thereby minimizing their damaging effects. Through comprehensive training programs, journalists and activists will gain invaluable tools and methods to foster tolerance, facilitate dialogue, and highlight constructive solutions that address the complexities of the conflict in Ukraine.

Crucially, the project aims to enhance the quality of conflict-related discourse in Ukrainian civil society by fostering partnerships and cooperation between NGOs and journalists. This collaborative effort will serve as a catalyst for initiating dialogues between refugees and individuals who have remained in Ukraine, fostering understanding and promoting a shared vision for the future.

With approximately 200 individuals directly involved in key activities, including journalists, bloggers, NGO leaders, internally displaced persons, and refugees from Ukraine (both within the country and abroad), the project seeks to create a broad impact. Networking events and the inclusion of actors from Germany and Europe who are invested in the development of civil society will further enrich the discourse and foster meaningful connections.

The project is committed to upholding principles of gender equality and inclusivity, ensuring that all sections of the population are given equal opportunities for participation. Through the active promotion of minority voices and vulnerable groups, the project aims to create a diverse and tolerant environment for dialogue and collaboration.

Leveraging an extensive contact database of journalists, NGO leaders, and educators, along with partnerships with social media platforms, the project will maximize the dissemination of information. Calls for participation will be open and transparent, welcoming all individuals interested in the topic to contribute their expertise and perspectives. Selection of participants will be based on their professional experience, potential impact, and motivation to actively engage in the project’s activities.

By empowering journalists, activists, and young leaders with the necessary tools and knowledge, this project is poised to make a significant impact on media literacy, combatting fake news, and fostering constructive dialogue in Ukraine. Through collaboration and a commitment to responsible journalism, participants will play a vital role in shaping a more informed and tolerant society, united in their pursuit of truth, understanding, and lasting solutions to the country’s challenges.