Comparative Research Network:

Prospects in Peripheries – Transnational Report

This is a transnational report under the Erasmus+ KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the
exchange of good practices – Strategic Partnerships for adult education project ‘Prospects in
the Peripheries” (KA204-A3EA6043). In this transnational report, we will give a short, broad
and comparative overview of the findings of our collective research into challenges of the
peripheries across the seven participating countries of this project.
The seven participating countries are Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy, Finland, Poland and
Greece. The regions that in each of these countries were explored are (ordered in
accordance with the country list) Samsø, Vorpommern, Malaga, Sardinia, Lieksa,
Czestochowa and Larissa.
In each of these regions, in accordance with the project aim, we have carried out thorough
desktop research, questionnaires, interviews, observational studies and much, much more.