Digital Education Tools to foster Innovation

The project aims to provide professional and personal development to the participants, who will exchange good practices and valuable knowledge regarding the use of digital tools and innovative educational methodology in the classroom, in the scope of improving their digital literacy and readiness.
1. to foster Gamification and Game-Based Learning in Digital Education; the participants will be thoroughly informed about the methodology, the benefits and positive outcomes of this educational approach for the students as well as the teachers.
2. to introduce the participants to Design Thinking as an educational method that can be applied through Digital Education. During the activities they will learn how to use and integrate up-to-date digital tools and methods into their lesson, which will upgrade the educational experience and enhance educational quality; they will understand how these tools will help their students develop Critical Thinking and Creative Expression, their ability to Collaborate and Communicate effectively in the future.
3. to promote Digital Storytelling as an educational approach which requires participants to use their imagination and creativity while studying. DST has been shown in studies to improve participants’ interpersonal and analytical skills, increase their interest in the material taught, and accelerate their understanding, writing skills, and vocabulary growth.
4. to encourage lifelong learning for teachers and school faculty. The aim is to increase teachers’ and educators’ interest in new educational methodologies that can improve their initial knowledge and education while also continuing their professional development. Furthermore, teaching faculty will have more chances to participate in training mobility and collaborate with transnational colleagues. Expected results & outcomes The following results are expected to occur after the completion of the project and the LTTAs: During the course of the project, there is a number of results expected to occur for each target-group. The final results can be summarized as follows: – Increase the participants Digital Literacy, – Increase the
teachers and educator’s skillset on the use of Digital Tools in Education, – New and innovative ways to engage students into deep and divergent learning, – Promote Game Based Learning and Gamification into the school learning culture & methodology, – New and effective ways to foster Design Thinking in Digital Education, – Increase the cultivation of Creativity, Communication, Critical Thinking and Collaboration through Digital Storytelling, – Lifelong learning for teaching professions, – Enhancement of their initial education.