Der Planet in deinen Händen

Motivated by the desire to be the author and actor of a solidarity project, the Eurasia Net team of volunteers responded to the call for projects Take your planet in hand! initiated by the OFAJ.
In this context of the health crisis, the containment measures allowed us to realise the impact of human activity on the environment but also the limits of our model of society. Through this project, we wish to raise awareness among other young people about the environmental cause.

Aimed at a NEET public aged between 18 and 25, the objective is also to allow young people with the least opportunity to get involved in a project of international solidarity and to benefit from an experience of mobility and interculturality.
We would like to offer 6 French and 6 Germans two weeks of intercultural exchanges on the subject of plastic waste recycling and the circular economy.

This exchange would take place in two phases:
– A week in Marseille on the theme of interculturality and awareness of waste recycling;
– A week in Berlin on the theme of international solidarity and the circular economy.

To do this, we asked two local partners and one partner in Germany to run workshops. An online version is envisaged in the event that sanitary conditions prevent mobility.

The partners:
Plastic Odyssey: local partner specialised in the fight against plastic pollution. They will offer workshops on recycling and waste processing while transmitting scientific knowledge on the evolution and consequences of plastics on the environment.

Hunamar: local partner organising an annual waste collection day on the Huveaune river bringing together nearly 200 people.

Comparative Research Network (CRN): German partner involved in numerous European projects. CRN will provide workshops on the circular economy. This economic model promotes social entrepreneurship as a lever for youth employment.