Youth Shaping Climate Policy

The climate crisis is one of the defining injustices of our time, and young people will live with the consequences for the longest. It’s no surprise then that they’re fearful about the future. This project aims to support young people’s needs to join democratic processes and increase their involvement in the development of inclusive and sustainable societies, which goes directly with the scope of the call to engage citizens and communities in discussions and actions related to our climate and environment. The YSCP project will promote citizens and representative associations’ participation in and contribution to the democratic and civic life of the Union by making known and publicly exchanging their views in the area of environmental protection in the EU.

The GOAL of the project is to create a space and encourage young citizens to start the discussion with policymakers and be involved in climate policy design. To reach the main goal of the project the following OBJECTIVES were set:
1. Learn more about the ways youth can be involved in the policy-making process and share good practices from around the participating countries/regions.
2. Create meaningful opportunities for young people to engage in processes of creation of national climate policies, in youth-friendly formats.
3. Implement the structured dialogue processes with local key actors in youth policymaking, including young people, youth organizations, youth centers, and decision-makers from local and national levels.
4. Enable local youth to act green and be the ambassadors of an eco-friendly lifestyle.
5. Spread the idea & results of the project to other NGOs in Europe and the public.

All in all, this project will help participants to deepen their knowledge of the EU institutions and policies, better understand the EU’s achievements and benefits, and strengthen the democratic participation of young people shaping the climate policy in Europe.