Youth Shaping Climate Policy

The climate crisis is an urgent and defining issue of our time, and its consequences will impact future generations the most. Recognizing the fears and concerns of young people, a new project is emerging to support their active participation in democratic processes and empower them to contribute to the development of inclusive and sustainable societies. The Youth Shaping Climate Policies project (YSCP) aims to engage citizens and communities in discussions and actions related to climate and environmental protection, fostering dialogue between young people and policymakers.

Creating Space for Discussion
At the core of the YSCP is the goal of creating a dedicated space where young citizens can initiate discussions with policymakers and actively participate in climate policy design. To achieve this, the project has set several objectives that lay the foundation for meaningful youth engagement in policy-making processes.

Learning from Good Practices
The project seeks to explore various ways in which youth can be involved in the policy-making process. By sharing successful practices from participating countries and regions, valuable insights will be gathered to inform and inspire effective youth engagement strategies.

Youth-Friendly Opportunities
YSCP aims to create accessible and youth-friendly platforms that provide young people with meaningful opportunities to contribute to the development of national climate policies. These formats will ensure that youth perspectives are actively considered and integrated into decision-making processes.

Structured Dialogues
The project will facilitate structured dialogues between key actors in youth policymaking, including young individuals, youth organizations, youth centers, and decision-makers at local and national levels. By fostering collaboration and open communication, these dialogues will help shape policies that reflect the needs and aspirations of young people.

Green Action
YSCP also strives to empower local youth to take action and become ambassadors of an eco-friendly lifestyle. By providing resources, information, and support, the project aims to inspire young individuals to make environmentally conscious choices in their daily lives and encourage sustainable practices within their communities.

Spreading the Message
To maximize impact, the project intends to share its ideas and results with other NGOs across Europe and the wider public. By raising awareness and disseminating knowledge, YSCP aims to inspire similar initiatives and foster a broader understanding of the importance of youth involvement in shaping climate policies.

A Path Towards Empowered Youth and Sustainable Policies
By deepening participants’ understanding of EU institutions and policies, the YSCP will equip young people with the knowledge and tools to actively engage in shaping climate policy in Europe. Through their active participation, these empowered youth will contribute to the EU’s achievements in environmental protection and reinforce the democratic principles that underpin inclusive and sustainable societies.

As the project unfolds, it holds the potential to ignite a powerful movement where young voices are heard, and climate policies are designed with their active involvement. Together, we can build a greener future, driven by the collective efforts of passionate and empowered youth.