Green Routes

Learning about sustainable trends in European cities

The main goal of Green Routes is to create a toolkit to promote sustainable solutions and trends in urban areas. The toolkit will be created through the three intellectual outputs and the training methodology. The Promenade theatre and storytelling Input Training will produce scenarios for both live and virtual AR educational tours on topics connected to sustainability.

The scenarios can be used by educators to perform the tours – the training plans will be documented in a paper guide book. The virtual tours can be experienced through an AR app, which will interplay as well with the guide book. All products and educational guidelines, plus the practices and experiences gathered in the training will be stored in the Green Routes Online Tour and Learning Hub, a one-stop-shop for any educator, individual or entrepreneur interested in green education in the chosen cities.
Green Routes is following the approach of educational tours.

The method using journeys (trips) with the educational purpose has been established in pedagogical science a long time ago. However, the common approach to the concept „educational tourism” is still not established in Europe. Also, the problem of how to make the optimum use of the method in order
to build the professional competence of learner is present, and the topic is scarcely reflected in the pedagogical literature. The concept of „educational tourism” is relatively new, so it has to be defined, its content should be outlined, and the classification structure should be specified by developing criteria for its efficient use in the training of adults in line with the needs of the labour market, esepcially keeping in mind the aim of sustainable recovery after the COVID19 crisis, as outlined by the European Commission.

Spefically adult education is a driver in the interconnections of the three dimensions of sustainable development (economic, social and environmental) and can contribute to the UN’s 2030 Agenda. There is a real need for education for sustainable development, and especially non-formal education has a very high impact. Green Routes is adressing this gap by prociding and innovative, digital tool kit for an important topic which will be at the core of the EU in the upcoming years as we address the priority on working on environmental and climate goals with inclusive green education.

The project activities are imagined to generate a big impact in terms of new skills acquisition, knowledges and experiences in the branch of promotion and valorisation of environmental education. The project participants will acquire a wider perspective about methodologies applied to sustainable solution on a European level. The impact will be monitored and steered through the described evaluation tools and measures.

We expect all participants of the project to be conscious about being more sustainable as a community, organizations and individuals. We expect them to be ready to share their new knowledge, to teach and encourage others and to get involved.