Comparative Research Network:

Estelle Bruguier

Service Civique
Project Assistance


I am flexible, compliant and can adapt easily to diverse situations, places and people. I am a well organized and rigorous person. My professional experiences led me to prepare, on several occasions, educational activities for children and to animate them. I also had the opportunity to prepare interventions in order to raise students’ ecological awareness. My empathy and sensibility prompt me to help disadvantaged populations, as well as animals.


Estelle is a political science student. During her third year, she spent four months doing an internship at CHEERing, a humanitarian NGO helping refugees in and around Athens. Engaged for human rights and committed to the protection of the environment, this experience encouraged her to gain more professional experience in those fields. She decided to take a gap year from university before starting a Master of Political Dynamics and Changes in Societies, and to volunteer at CRN for 10 months.