EU24 – 4 The Planet

EU 24 – Engage for the Planet: Uniting Citizens for a Sustainable Future

In a world grappling with the urgent challenges of climate change, the EU 24 – Engage for the Planet project emerges as a sign of empowerment. Spanning five European countries – Sweden, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, and France – this ambitious initiative will bring together domestic and mobile union citizens to foster dialogue and action in the realms of climate justice, climate change, and sustainability. Over the course of 20 months, gender-balanced blended exchange events will serve as catalysts for democratic engagement and bridge the participation gap among young citizens, individuals from diverse backgrounds, and mobile union citizens.

Despite the record-breaking turnout in the last EU election, it is evident that certain segments of society still face underrepresentation when it comes to active voting and democratic involvement. EU 24 aims to change that narrative by instilling a sense of empowerment and demonstrating that every voice matters. By cultivating a strong European political community that is vibrant, inclusive, and capable of shaping political discourse, this project aims to make a lasting impact.

At the heart of EU 24 lies the pivotal issue of climate change, the greatest threat humanity faces today. Recognizing that effective solutions require transnational collaboration, EU 24 seeks to foster a sense of shared responsibility and agency among European citizens. Through blended debate events conducted across borders, language barriers will be bridged, enabling citizens from diverse backgrounds to engage in meaningful dialogue. Leveraging innovative E-Democracy platforms and incorporating playful content, these events will serve as a springboard for political debate and engagement, particularly in the context of the upcoming EU 24 Election.

EU 24 takes a holistic approach to citizen participation, encouraging individuals to connect local climate change issues with broader EU policies and recommendations. By doing so, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness between their everyday lives and the larger European framework. Moreover, EU 24 is committed to fostering gender-balanced and diversity-oriented participation, recognizing the importance of inclusivity in shaping a sustainable future. This means actively involving young citizens between the ages of 16 and 39, individuals with migrant backgrounds, and mobile union citizens, ensuring that a wide range of perspectives are represented.

To further amplify the project’s impact and mobilize citizens to vote and engage for the planet in the EU 24 elections, a poster competition on climate-related topics will be held. These captivating posters will serve as powerful visual tools, spreading the message far and wide. Through extensive dissemination across online platforms, debate events, partners’ channels, and the press, EU 24 will spark conversations, galvanize action, and inspire citizens to play an active role in shaping the future of our planet.

EU 24 – Engage for the Planet is not just an initiative; it is a call to action, a transformative movement that empowers citizens to become agents of change. Join us on this remarkable journey as we forge a path towards a sustainable and inclusive future for all. Together, we can make a difference in the EU 24 elections and beyond. Let’s engage for the planet and create a brighter tomorrow.dissemination of the posters (online platform, debate events, partners’ dissemination channels, press).