Comparative Research Network:

Hannah Heyenn

Senior Project Manager
Project Writer
Migration Expert


Research Methods: Comparative Research, Qualitative Interviewing (Narrative Life Story Interviews, Diadic Interviews, Problem-centred Interviews) and Analysis with Documentary Method, Quantitative Regression Analysis, Online Surveys, Policy Analysis

Teaching: Working with a mix of classical and participatory teaching. Connecting my lectures to individual experiences of students.

Project Work: – Co-creation as driving element of all participatory work – Basic Training in Story Telling / Community Reporting


Hannah Heyenn is lecturer and PhD candidate at the Department for Social Work and Social Welfare, University of Kassel, Germany.  She is a sociologists with degrees in Sociolology of East European Societies (Freie Universität Berlin) and Socialeconomics (University of Hamburg). Her research and project work focusses on Migration and Participation. She strives to uncover social inequalities through her research and to combat it through participation projects.

Hannah has worked on several research projects on social protection, precarity and support of migrants and refugees:

Labcit “Testing EU Citizenship as Labour Citizenship” (2015/16)
PreWork – “Young precarious workers in Poland and Germany: a comparative sociological study on working and living conditions, social consciousness and civic engagement” (2016/17)
Von Teilhabe bis Community Building – Patenschaftsprojekte von Migrantenselbstorganisationen (2019/20)
Mobile Welfare Arrangements in the EU – Social Protection of Highly Mobile Union Citizens (2018-21)

Her project work includes managing CRN’s partner role in Prospects in Peripheries (2019-2021) and ASSETS (2021-2023) as well as contributing participatory methods of migrant associations to the Educitizens project (2018).


Lecturer and PhD Candidate at University of Kassel
Scientific Monitoring for Project Politfix
Bundesverband interkultureller Frauen in Deutschland e.V. (BIFeV)


Hannah Heyenn, Kamila Schöll Mazurek “Von Teilhabe bis Community Building – Patenschaftsprojekte von Migrantenselbstorganisationen” Archivierte Netzpublikation:

Fajfer, Alicja, Heyenn, Hannah, and Barthel, Martin (2020). “Social Cohesion in EU Peripheries.” Cross-Border Review – Yearbook 2020.

Social Dumping by Subcontracting – How German Employers in Construction and Meat Processing evade EU Labour Provisions – Labcit Country Report Germany