Anti-Racism and Civic Courage Training

ACCT reduces racism and prejudice by creating awareness among local communities in rural areas and empowering communities of diverse ethnic backgrounds. Through the co creation and implementation of trainings on anti-racism and civic courage in both rural and urban communities, an online training on civic courage, and upscaling community-based documentation of racist incidents, ACCT unites communities, municipalities, researchers and policy makers to tackle the issue of racism and discrimination.

In ACCT, community leaders are trained to give trainings in their communities, using good practices from the partner regions and innovative elements of methodology drawn from social identity theory and peacebuilding, amongst others. ACCT develops new training practices in anti-racism and anti-discrimination, approaching these issues from an intersectional perspective. The ACCT Training Curriculum developed in the course of the project and tested in diverse project contexts is a great tool to create more understanding and tolerance, to be used in communities all over Europe. The first focus of the ACCT project lies on changes in knowledge, attitudes and behaviour amongst local populations, as well as empowerment of communities and individuals experiencing racism.

Secondly, community leaders are trained to document incidents of racism and discrimination. ACCT increases rights awareness and improves reporting of discrimination and hate crimes in rural and urban communities. By combining the value of face-to-face trainings with the wide reach of online trainings and an awareness campaign, ACCT creates a comprehensive impact on the reduction of racism and prejudice across Europe. The activities and results of ACCT are embedded in a transnational network spanned by the high-quality partnership and implemented through the online platform as well as outreach events targeting local community leaders and municipalities, topical researchers as well as EU- and national policy makers.