Comparative Research Network:

    Voicitys – Life in Diverse Neighborhoods

     Stories of Lived Experiences

    Stories. the lived experiences that people choose to share about their own understandings of the
    world. are of increasing importance in decision­ making processes and are instrumental to creating
    new ideas. ways of doing things and ultimately bringing about social change. They provide useful
    insights into what is happening people’s lives and the communities that they are a part of. In the
    VOICITYS project. storytelling is being used to support decision-makers at local and national
    levels to design better policies and services.

    Working with communities in Ge rm an y. Hungary. ltaly and the United Kingdom . the VOICITYS
    project trained residents in specific neighbourhoods as Community Reporters who have used these
    skills to tel1. understand and share their own stories on topics and issues pertinent to diversity
    where they live. This report provides an overview of this methodology and its implementation within
    the project. the findings from the stories gathered. and pan-European reflections on emergent
    trends across the dataset.