European Circular Online Museum

The European Circular Online Museum aims to create a European community for individual and small-scale upcycling artists and designers who are engaged in promoting circular lifestyle, environment protection and social involvement and who need support for improving their visibility and their social and entrepreneurial skills. The Circular Online Museum is a web based platform including virtual spaces for learning, good practice sharing, exchanging materials and methods, virtual exhibitions offering a higher visibility for the artists and their work and a guide for good practices.

The creation of the platform is supported by the following outputs: 1- A collection of good practices in community building, social and environmental engagements, gathered directly from upcycling artists and designers 2- A series of capacity building training materials based on good practices and on the needs of upcycling artists and designers. 3- A collection of upcycled artworks and upcycling artists and designers’s profiles targeting a larger public of users and potential purchasers. The EU COM’s 2 main target groups are: : – artists and designers engaged in upcycling and circular lifestyle promotion; – a wider public of potential purchasers of upcycled art and design. A special attention will be paid during the entire project on the inclusion of people with disadvantaged situations and on maintaining gender balance.

The EU COM consortium is composed of 3 partners with complementary skills linked to capacity building, needs assessment, upcycling art techniques, art curation, web design.