EUCOM – European Circular Online Museum

European Circular Online Museum

Unveiling Europe’s Circular Art Revolution: The European Circular Online Museum

In the pursuit of promoting a circular lifestyle, environmental protection, and social involvement, the European Circular Online Museum (EU COM) is set to revolutionize the art and design world. With a mission to create a vibrant European community for individual and small-scale upcycling artists and designers, this groundbreaking platform aims to offer support, visibility, and opportunities for growth. By harnessing the power of the web, the EU COM will foster learning, collaboration, and showcase the remarkable work of these creative changemakers.

Empowering Artists and Designers
The EU COM recognizes the unique challenges faced by upcycling artists and designers who strive to promote circular practices. The platform will serve as a hub for these individuals, providing them with the resources and support they need to improve their visibility and enhance their social and entrepreneurial skills. Through virtual spaces for learning, good practice sharing, and method exchanges, the EU COM will facilitate the growth and development of these talented individuals.

Elevating Visibility through Virtual Exhibitions
One of the key features of the Circular Online Museum is its virtual exhibition spaces. These immersive galleries will offer artists and designers a heightened visibility for their work, ensuring that their creativity and dedication to the circular lifestyle reaches a wider audience. By showcasing upcycled artworks and sharing the profiles of the talented artists and designers behind them, the EU COM aims to captivate and inspire a broad public, including potential purchasers.

A Guide for Good Practices and Capacity Building
To empower and equip upcycling artists and designers with the necessary tools for success, the EU COM will provide a guide for good practices. Drawing directly from the experiences and insights of the artists themselves, this comprehensive resource will offer invaluable advice and expertise. Additionally, the platform will feature a series of capacity building training materials tailored to the specific needs of the upcycling community, further enhancing their skills and entrepreneurial abilities.

Inclusion and Gender Balance
The EU COM consortium is dedicated to ensuring that the benefits of this innovative project extend to all, with a particular focus on inclusivity for people facing disadvantaged situations. Furthermore, maintaining gender balance is a priority throughout the entire project. By fostering an inclusive and diverse community, the EU COM aims to harness the power of collaboration and create a space that celebrates the richness of different perspectives and experiences.

Consortium of Expertise
The EU COM consortium comprises three partners, each bringing unique skills and expertise to the table. With a shared vision and complementary backgrounds in capacity building, needs assessment, upcycling art techniques, art curation, and web design, this collaborative effort promises to deliver a cutting-edge platform that truly serves the needs of upcycling artists and designers across Europe.

Join the Circular Art Revolution!
The European Circular Online Museum invites upcycling artists and designers, as well as art enthusiasts and potential purchasers, to join the movement towards a more sustainable and circular future. Together, let’s celebrate creativity, environmental consciousness, and social engagement through art and design. As the EU COM unfolds, it holds the potential to reshape the art world, making sustainable and upcycled creations a cornerstone of artistic expression and environmental responsibility.