Inclusive Digital Learning

Join us in a groundbreaking project that aims to transform the lives of first-year students with low socio-economic status (low-SES) by enhancing their academic skills in the digital environment. Get ready to make a real difference and empower these students to reach their full potential.

Our objectives are clear: we want to bridge the gap between disadvantaged and advantaged learners by addressing the academic disparities they face. Through this project, we will raise awareness among academic staff about the unique challenges low-SES students encounter and equip them with the necessary tools to support these students in acquiring essential academic skills.

How will we achieve these objectives? We have an exciting lineup of activities planned:

  • – Mapping student and staff experiences to gain valuable insights
    – Developing an inclusive guidance strategy for enhanced support
    – Training staff to effectively include and empower low-SES students
    – Creating design principles for digital and hybrid learning experiences
    – Producing open educational resources to facilitate learning
    – Defining criteria for microcredentials and open badges to recognize academic achievements
    – Developing innovative digital assessment methods for effective evaluation
    – Disseminating and sharing our project outputs with the wider community
    – Establishing social partnerships to promote inclusivity and collaboration
  • The results we anticipate are truly transformative:
    – A comprehensive report based on our Mapping Study to shed light on the current landscape
    – Joint staff training curricula and pilots to improve teaching practices
    – A report outlining Design Principles for Inclusive Learning Experiences
    – A repository of Open Digital Learning Materials specifically curated for low-SES students
    – An ecosystem of Open Badges designed to recognize and celebrate academic skills
    – Exciting dissemination events involving key organizations and stakeholders
  • – A dedicated project website, regular newsletters, and engaging social media content to keep you   updated on our progress

We invite you to join our project and be part of this incredible journey towards inclusion and empowerment. We want to create a brighter future for low-SES students, ensuring they have the necessary academic skills to thrive in the digital world. Visit our website, follow us on social media, and stay tuned for more information on how you can get involved.