Inclusive Digital Learning

Objectives: What do you want to achieve by implementing the project?

We develop life skills of 1st year students with low socio-economic status (low-SES). Partner universities has identified desparities between disadvantaged and advantaged learners focus especially on academic skills in digital environment. We aim to raise awareness of academic staff of the experiences faced by low-SES students and offer them tools to facilitate acquisition of crucial academic skills. We create microcredentials and open badges to credential learning academic skills for students.

Implementation: What activities are you going to implement?

  • Mapping student and staff experiences
    Develop inclusion and guidance strategy
    Train staff in inclusion of low-SES students
    Create design principles for digital and hybrid learning
    Produce open educational resources
    Define criteria for microcredentials and open badges
    Create fit-for-purrpose digital learning assessment methods
    Disseminate and mainstream project outputs
    Develop social partnerships for inclusion

Results: What project results and other outcomes do you expect your project to have?To improve inclusion and develop life skills, in particular academic skills, of low-SES students by:

– Report of a Mapping Study
– Joint Staff training curricula and pilots
– Report of Design Principles for Inclusive Learning Experience
– Repository of Open Digital Learning Materials for students
– Ecosystem of Open Badges for Academic Skills for Students
– Dissemination events with multiplier organizations and stakeholders
– Website, newsletters, social media postings