Skills Up


Do you know how important it is to have digital and language skills as an adult? Over the past two years, due to the pandemic, many institutions, businesses, and government organizations have had to change how they do things. They’ve had to use technology to keep running. This change was like the tip of an iceberg, with much more beneath the surface. It made us realize that many adults lack these skills.

In a communication called “Shaping Europe’s digital future” in 2020, the Commission said that more than 90% of jobs now require at least basic digital and language skills. But these skills are not only needed for work; they are essential in everyday life.

So, our project, “Skills Up,” aims to bridge the gap in digital and language skills for adult professionals. We want to:

Help Europe reach its goal of having 70% of adults with good digital and language skills by 2027.
Improve adults’ digital and language skills using easy-to-understand tools.
Create a method for teaching these skills with the help of our partners.
Support adult educators with practical and innovative methods.
Train adults who need better skills.
Train teachers to use digital tools effectively in their teaching.
We want to explore new digital tools and stay updated on using technology in education. Our project is for:

Unemployed or low-skilled adults in Croatia, Spain, Germany, and Ireland, and it can expand to other EU countries.
Teachers, consultants, and counselors who work with these adults.
Public employment services and human resources staff.
Adults with jobs who need better digital and language skills.
Adult education institutions.
Organizations responsible for employment and skills education.
Professional and employer associations.
The demand for these skills has grown in most countries, and we want to help meet these needs. The pandemic has shown us how important digital and language skills are for jobs.

Our project aims to help adult students and their teachers who struggle with these skills. We want to coordinate efforts between all the people involved in adult education.

We also want to pay special attention to adult women, as they often have the least digital and language skills, which can limit their job opportunities.

Our partners have the expertise needed for this project. They have experience in adult education, digital skills, and language education. Together, we can provide solutions and make this project sustainable.

This is not just a problem in one European country; it’s a challenge across Europe. Our partners have found high rates of skill deficiencies in their countries.

The Coalition on Digital Skills and Jobs supports strategies to improve digital and language skills, and all our project partners are part of it.

Our project, “Skills Up,” is innovative in adult education. We bring different practices and ideas together from our partners’ experiences. This diversity is valuable for the success and sustainability of our project. We cover different parts of Europe, and our partners have different areas of expertise.