Curricular Innovation for Synergy between Community Sport and Activism

CISCA will directly address the pressing need for social inclusion in and through Sport within European neighbourhoods while at the same time exploring new approaches and synergies operationalizing the social dimension of Sport and the European dimension of trans sectorial cooperation in Sport, with a focus on civil society organizations/activists and Sport groups/associations. Our project will develop a curriculum for exploring the potentials of sport activities in supporting participation and civic engagement linked to the different issues of neighbourhood management such as urban planning, urban regeneration, social inclusion, diversity management, environmental issues, access to infrastructures, use of public spaces, etc. Within all these relevant topics, our attention will be focusing on how local sport can increase the access to urban services, especially to communities that have fewer opportunities.

The main activities of CISCA will include:
● the critical and comparative analysis of good experiences based on the interaction between Sport and community activism
● the creation of an innovative curriculum as well as some concrete models for actions combining Sport engagement with innovative instruments and strategies of community participation.

Direct beneficiaries of the project’s outcomes will be Sport operators (Trainers and Coaches in grassroot Sport organizations/groups), local NGOs, activists (members of citizens’ groups and committees) and citizens. Besides horizontal priority of inclusion and diversity, CISCA elaborates on the European priorities in the field of Sport, with a particular reference to strengthening the social dimension of Sport, in line with the EC’s referring (White Paper on Sport, 2007) to Sport as playing an essential role in gathering citizens together and tackling the issues that matter to them.