Recycling Skills to Improve Literacy, Language and Communication Competences through Artistic and Digital Creation

Objective: RELICA aims to develop innovative teaching methods based on art and digital creativity to enhance literacy, language, and communication skills among individuals with migratory and interrupted educational backgrounds. These methods specifically target those facing difficulties in enrolling in institutional language training programs. Additionally, the project seeks to address the pressing need to improve digital and social skills, empowering individuals to become more independent and self-confident in their interactions within European host societies.

Implementation: RELICA will implement alternative teaching and learning tools and resources grounded in art and digital creativity. These methods will be tailored to the specific needs of learners, incorporating artistic, co-creative, and outdoor discovery activities. Educators will be equipped with strategies to integrate these activities into their teaching methods effectively, fostering self-confidence, motivation, and a deeper understanding of the host environment and culture. The incorporation of social, digital, and green skills will further enhance learners’ capabilities.

Expected Results:

Comprehensive Study: RELICA will conduct a comprehensive study of educators’ and learners’ needs and identify best practices to facilitate the integration of individuals with migratory and interrupted educational backgrounds into institutional language training programs.
Online Handbook for Educators: An Online Handbook will be developed for educators, providing a collection of resources, activities, and methods tailored to support the integration of learners with diverse backgrounds into language training.
Interactive Learning Platform: An Interactive Learning Platform will be created for learners, enabling autonomous or collaborative use in online training sessions. This platform will offer engaging and interactive content to facilitate effective learning experiences.
By achieving these outcomes, RELICA aims to bridge gaps in language education and empower individuals to thrive in their host societies, fostering inclusivity and social integration.