Comparative Research Network:

We are all Digital Natives – Digital Sun

With the evaluation grid on hand more than 40 good or smart practices had been identified. The results came from primary and secondary education, higher education, adult and vocational training. The project analyzed formal and non-formal approaches.

The identified practices had not just been evaluated but as well categorized, resulting in the scheme of the `digital sun`. At the moment six topics dominate the teaching and learning of digital topics. They are all interlinked with the project claim `to become a digital native`.

The six themes are:

  1. 1. Entering the digital world
  2. 2. Connecting offline and online world (blended learning)
  3. 3. Finding digital solutions
  4. 4. Navigating the digital world
  5. 5. Digital Creativity
  6. 6. Digital participation and empowerment

Entering the digital world is a crucial topic in most education sectors. The older generation has to learn to navigate and self-confidentially use digital tools. The younger generation has to learn how to handle the digital world.

Teaching digital literacy is increasing participation and at the same time connecting generations. This intergenerational aspect is a challenge for trainer and teacher, since it implies learning from the students. Facilitators willing to include digital topics into their curriculum have to be capable to cope and embrace wit this situation.