Comparative Research Network:

Eurospectives 2.0 Practice Recommendations for Using Digital Storytelling in Community Development and Civic Participation

‘Digital storytelling’ is a powerful tool and an excellent method to include in civic participation, community development and non-formal educational settings. It supports people to explore their world and the world around them in a creative and interactive way. It enables participants to have a voice on things that matter to them and to hear other people’s voices helping to create understanding of different viewpoints, increasing understanding and compassion and supporting people to become globally literate.

Including ‘digital storytelling’ into civic participation,community development and non-formal education will help to create a space where digital and media literacy skills can be learned, developed, and strengthened.Thus, boosting critical thinking skills, scrutiny of media content and growing a deeper understanding of the language of the digital domain, resulting in citizens that can develop their own voices and create their own digital stories.