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Eurospectives 2.0 – Recommendations for Using Digital Storytelling in Formal Education Settings

Digital storytelling in school education
The significance of Digital Storytelling as an approach to school education has been recognised across the field. Aside from the obvious benefits as a methodological approach and a tool, Digital Storytelling has the potential of enhancing the national and the European Commission’s drive for Open Education, a major educational strategy in the past years.

Since 2013 Europe has been committed to an ‘opening up’ of education through the use of digital tools and appropriate policies. Eurospectives 2.0 has developed this further by exploring Digital Storytelling methods and approaches and concluded that Digital Storytelling is a key component that allows this ‘open education’ not just to continue but to flourish.

Key findings from the Formal Education practices have concluded that there are 2 main roles; the teacher’s role and the student’s role, and from that an action plan has been developed with guidelines. The guidelines include key principles that should be adhered to when delivering Digital Storytelling.