Comparative Research Network:

Our Voices – Digital Curator TRAINING PROGRAMME



Participants of the programme should have existing facilitation skills –either in formal or informal learning environments –and have access/connectionsto groupsof people they can work with in their own context to deliver story curation activities to.

They should also have a good working knowledge of basic digital skills such as using tablets and smartphones, using the Internet, basic media recording skills (i.e.taking a photograph, recording a video clip etc.), saving and organizing files, basic word-processing skills etc.

Participants should also have good English skills in terms of speaking, reading and writing as the programme has been designed to bedelivered in English. Some translated materials will be available (i.e. elements of the Digital Curator Learner book will also be available in Spanish, German, Polish and Italian).

Pre-Programme Tasks:

Participants should complete the Digital Curator Pre-Training Self-Assessment Form and Independent Study Task 1 prior to attending the programme (both included toward the back of this curriculum pack).

Participants will also receive an electronic copy of the Digital Curator Toolkitin advance of the coursethat they should read through before attending.This book will be utilised in the final part of the programme and will support participants to run story curation activities in community and informal learning settings post-programme.