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We are all digital natives eBook – Collected Practices : Improving the Digital Dimension in Education. Practices, Guidelines and Assessment of Digital Methods in Teaching and Training.

Improving the digital dimension in education. Practices, Guidelines and Assessment of digital methods in training and teaching.

The innovative and unique approach of the project is the connection of methods used in all educational sectors. Since until today methods had been created suited different institutional and practical aspects, a common overview or evaluated summary is missing. Synergies between education sectors or European projects are not used. The project close this gap.

By collecting best practice digital methods and summarize them in booklets/ebooks the creation of a digital curriculum will be encouraged. The dissemination of methods will be innovative fostered and the quality of the training on digital skills raised. Our aim is to encourage the usage of digital devices in learning, thus making it easier, faster and much more fun. Helping people to discover new opportunities, new skills, and new ways of understanding technology by actually using it.

By destroying the disbelief that learning has to be boring and difficult and showing good examples of how exciting and elevating it can actually be, we are breaking old patterns and providing a fresh point of view on lifelong learning.

Contributors (Alphabetic Order) Ana Mariño Catrina Amorim Santos Conchi Pazos Cristina Puga Barreiros Ewelina Barthel Federica Besana Garba Diallo Gary Copitch Hans-Christian Höpke Hayley Trowbridge Janett Butterworth Martin Barthel (editor) Monica Otero Nuria Garabal Petronela Bordeianu Phil Aspden Roberto Mannai Susana Lamela